Can I Get Dental Implants If I Have a
Metal Allergy?

When someone has a metal allergy and is thinking of getting dental implants, they might think their allergy is not compatible with the implant. They might assume it can be risky, and start looking for alternative treatments, with the regret of not being able to have dental implants.

But the reality is different: people with metal allergies can successfully get dental implants.


The dental implant post that is inserted in the jawbone is made out of titanium, or titanium alloy. It’s the same material used to manufacture orthopedic knees or hip replacements.

This material allows the bone to create cells that grow around it, facilitating the osseointegration of the implant.

The reason titanium was chosen to create the implant post is its biocompatibility. Not only is the bone able to crow cells around it, but the body also usually accepts the material without issues.

If you know you have a metal allergy, you need to talk to your dentist about it and see what options are available for your particular case. However, metal allergies are not interchangeable to titanium allergies.


There is also the possibility to get a Zirconia implant.

Zirconia is a material that comes from chemically altering zircon. Even though zircon is a metal, the oxidation process to make zirconia transforms it into ceramic material.

If you are not sure you have a metal allergy, but you are worried about it, you can also talk to your dentist about this other option.

There are tests you can do to determine if you are allergic or not. You can do patch tests or formal tests that show you if you are a suitable candidate for titanium or zirconia implants.

Keep in mind that the chances of having a metal allergy are low, so it’s best to investigate before you start looking for other options.


Dental implants can restore your oral health as they look and function like a natural tooth. Dental crowns look very natural, and the fact that you now have a replacement root helps your jawbone to become strong again.

If you suspect or know for sure you have an allergic reaction to metal, please talk to your dentist about it and together you can look for alternatives that can help you regain your mouth functions and confidence in your smile.

You do not need to feel discouraged. Nowadays there are options and solutions for every situation, and anyone that decides to have a healthy, beautiful smile can get it.


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